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Olympus Digital Device Data Recovery Solution


recover files Olympus cameraOlympus photography technology is world famous. Its digital devices such as camera, camcorder, voice recorder etc have been always with high quality and bring people with great enjoyment for taking files (photos, videos, audio memos etc). But chances are there to turn users’ mood down because Olympus data loss and put Olympus digital file recovery urgently needed. Some of frequently questions are as follows:


Unable to recover lost files from Olympus digital? – That’s common belief!!! Generally people may stay panic about the fault while those wise look for the solution as how to recover Olympus files. The fact is - you have big chance to recover pictures, videos, audio files from Olympus digital no matter they are erased by mistake or lost due to card failure. Things you need are: digital camera data recovery software, a PC or Mac, Olympus mass memory card.


First things first – there is usually a mass media card (generally XD or SD card) equipped with each Olympus digital. So when your digital files are lost or not accessible from Olympus device. Please immediately stop using the mass memory card to store more data which means you should not take or record more photographs, video or audio chips. As the more data you put in, the less likely you are able to perform Olympus data recovery because of data overwritten. Then follow the below steps to undelete or retrieve your precious files.


#1: Download and install a camera data recovery program on your computer no matter running with Windows or Mac OS X. Then connect your Olympus device (mass memory card).


The photo recovery software can be used to recover lost/deleted/formatted photos, music, and video files from Olympus digital devices (camera, camcorder, voice recorder etc) based on Windows or Mac OS X system. No matter how your data are lost due to deletion, corruption or formatting of sd/xd card, hard drives etc. The do-it-yourself Olympus photo recovery software can help you out with ease.



#2: Open the software, highlight the drive (your Olympus XD card stands for) and let the program have a full scan. Wait for a little bit while before a list of digital files found and listed on the software panel.

#3: Preview and restore those found images, videos, audio files etc. Remember - for the last step, please save recovered files to another disk instead of the source Olympus XD/SD card in case partial data are overwritten thus become unrecoverable.


Note: digital camera recovery software support retrieving files (pictures, videos, audio) from Olympus digital cameras such as SP-800UZ, VG-140, E-PL1, XZ-1, TG-310 Tough/FE series etc, Olympus camcorder model such as LS-20M etc, and Olympus digital voice recorder models such as VN-8600PC, DS-30, DM-650, WS-760 etc.