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transfer canon photos to computer

How to Download Photos from a Canon Camera to The Computer

Now that you have taken a couple photos with your Canon camera, you would like to transfer them to your computer. Luckily, importing photos is a fairly easy process and should not take you very long.Depending on your computer, there are two ways of transferring your images: with a memory card slot, or USB cord. […]

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GoPro without SD?

Q&A: Can You Use a GoPro without a SD Card?

GoPros are different than most cameras, so they often come with a lot of questions. In this Q&A, we take a look at recording without an SD card on the GoPro. Question: I am new to the GoPro world. Can you use a GoPro without an SD card? Answer: ​In short, no!Some cameras allow you […]

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What is a CR2 Photo File?

As you become better acquainted with your Canon digital camera, you will start to learn more about the photo sizes and file types available.Like me, you may be initially confused by the array of options. Within the Image Quality tab of my Canon Rebel XS T5, there is Small, Medium, Large, and RAW offered.And while […]

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