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Canon cr2 raw recovery

How to Recover CR2 Raw Image Files? A Step by Step Guide

​Last update: Mar. 20, 2018Now you know what a CR2 file is, as well as its advantages and disadvantages compared to a regular JPEG image file. What happens in the case when you run into difficulties with your CR2 Raw Image files?For example, what to do when your CR2 raw images got mistakenly deleted? Is […]

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memory card locked canon

How to Unlock a Memory Card on Canon Camera

You have just placed your SD card into your Canon camera when you are faced with “memory card locked” (or “card write protected”) in glaring red.You can now no longer shoot any more photos, nor can you delete them from your Canon.Feeling confused and panicked, you may be wondering to yourself: what do I do? […]

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recover Canon pictures

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Canon Camera in 5 Mins (Update 2018)

Last update: Dec. 19, 2017. Editor’s Update: it’s a bit surprising that accidental deletion still happens, even though we’re almost in 2018 (in a few more days). We decide to update this Canon photo recovery post for accuracy.Memory card in hand, you feel a sinking dread. Maybe you pressed the “erase” button on your Canon […]

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Format SD Memory Card in Canon

6 Steps to Format an SD Memory Card for a Canon Camera

It can be frustrating when your Canon digital camera seems to be taking longer than usual to read or write data. Perhaps this delay is getting in the way of capturing certain moments, or eating up precious time as you wait for your images to load.You may want to get rid of this marked lag […]

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transfer canon photos to computer

How to Download Photos from a Canon Camera to The Computer

Now that you have taken a couple photos with your Canon camera, you would like to transfer them to your computer. Luckily, importing photos is a fairly easy process and should not take you very long.Depending on your computer, there are two ways of transferring your images: with a memory card slot, or USB cord. […]

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What is a CR2 Photo File?

As you become better acquainted with your Canon digital camera, you will start to learn more about the photo sizes and file types available.Like me, you may be initially confused by the array of options. Within the Image Quality tab of my Canon Rebel XS T5, there is Small, Medium, Large, and RAW offered.And while […]

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