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30 Fearless GoPro Bloggers and Vloggers You Should Get to Know

30 gopro blogs vlogs

When it comes to camera gear, the GoPro is easily a favorite for bloggers and photographers all over the world. It makes shooting action and sports like surfing, snowboarding, biking and rock-climbing incredibly easy and fun. It literally has provided travel bloggers with a new lens to view and experience their destinations.

GoPro users, bloggers, and communities have emerged from all corners of the world. Here’s a list of some of the best bloggers who love the GoPro and share their experiences using it.

These GoPro photographers and travel bloggers are an amazing resource for those who are looking to try new things with their cameras and for those just starting out. Either way, they will inspire you to get out, have fun and use your GoPro. Most importantly, they show us there are no limits with this little, extremely versatile camera.

[update on May 22, 2016: as per our reader feedback, we've just added a few more great blogs and vlogs.]


The Girl and Her GoPro

Cassie and her GoPro camera have been all over the world. She shares tips on where to go and what to do in the places she’s visited. Of course, you'll also love the GoPro videos she makes. One of her latest ones -- Learn to Kiteboard with Playa Boardsports is awesome.

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GoPro Fanatics

GoPro Fanatics is an one stop shop for all things GoPro. Aside from the store, a gallery of photos and the breakdown of GoPro equipment, there’s a wealth of information in the blog section and discussion in the forum. This site is great for talking with other GoPro users and catching the latest GoPro news.

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Matthew Karsten

Matthew's blog shows off his nomadic, bold lifestyle. He's worked with a GoPro for four years and writes in-depth posts about his favorite mounts and equipment. Like many travel bloggers, he's been across the globe and back. Gorgeous and inspiring photographs accompany his crazy stories. He also uses his GoPro to make excellent travel related videos that showcase some of the places he's visited, like this one from Greenland's Arctic Circle Trail.

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Louis is a fearless traveler who lives and breathes adventure. His audience lives vicariously through his videos, where he shares the joy he’s found living the life as a nomad. He shoots with his GoPro and likes to experiment with 360 videos. This year-in-review video featured on his page will inspire you to get out, travel and make videos of your own.

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Indie Traveller

Marek is a Netherlands native who has traveled the world with the intention of pushing himself out of his comfort zone and having new experiences. There's plenty of useful information on traveling light and for cheap on his blog, as well as guides on what camera gear to bring. He's a GoPro user himself. He offers great advice on using the GoPro for longer trips. He tried it out on a two-month trip to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia and shared everything he learned.

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Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee is an incredibly talented surfer and photographer based in Hawaii. Her gallery is exquisite. Sarah uses several different types of camera gear and uses the GoPro for photography beneath the waves. Check out and marvel at her collection of GoPro water photography.

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Abe Kislevitz

Abe is a surfer based in San Francisco and works at GoPro full time in media production. His GoPro stream features action shots of various sports, like skiing, rock climbing, and surfing. He also uses the GoPro casually to capture his lifestyle and social scene. Besides photography, his site features videos shot on the GoPro as well as shooting tips.

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This channel is devoted to GoPro tricks and tips for users of all levels. These videos go over how to do everything from white balancing to lens replacement to using different mounts. He also makes fun and entertaining videos of his travels. One most recent one shows off what a great time he had in New Orleans, LA.

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Rayzor Studios

Rayzor Studios is an Australia-based channel that offers excellent GoPro tutorials, reviews, tips and gorgeous footage. The editing is fantastic as well, and the snowboarding trip videos will make you want to hit the slopes with your GoPro and GoPole. Check out a video from their recent visit to Niseko Japan.

Travis Burke

Travis Burke is an inspiring travel and adventure photographer with an amazing grasp of landscapes and nature. He shoots with a handful of cameras including the GoPro Hero 4 Silver. Travis is a professional. His sponsors include Clif Bar, Goal Zero, and GoPro. Check out some of his incredible action shots here.

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Mollie Bylett

Mollie Bylett is a London native with a wildly successful travel blog. She’s been everywhere from Australia to Ireland. She loves to use the GoPole to take selfies and creates fun, and action packed travel videos. Watch this one from her backpacking trip in New Zealand where she used her GoPro Hero 3+.

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DIY GoPro is a hub for gear junkies that offers more than just tips on how to use the GoPro. You’ll find plenty of information on how to actually make high-quality videos and take photographs that will be pleasing to the eye. Check out this post on how to cover up ugly mounts on helmets.

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GoPro With Kids (Now Filming Family)

This adorable family's blog demonstrates how the GoPro is the perfect camera for capturing life with kids. Wherever their kids go, their GoPro does too, like the playground and on camping trips. They provide great editing tips and advice on how to choose a camera to get the best home video with the GoPro that you'll cherish for years to come.

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Constantin Gabor

Constantin is an outdoors enthusiast who loves his GoPro and building DIY video gear, like this improvised GoPole. He shoots while mountain biking, mountaineering and climbing. This blog is a fantastic resource for those who want to improve their editing skills as well. Take a look at this post where he breaks down step by step how he edits GoPro video. Also check out his portfolio here.

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Click Like This

This site is straightforward and packed with tips, reviews and tutorials for the GoPro and other equipment. Click Like This covers everything from shooting underwater to shooting macro. These tips are practical for GoPro users of all levels, like this post on how to keep your GoPro fog free.

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My Life Is A Movie

Alyssa is an adventure junkie solo traveler from Florida with an incredible blog. She uses her GoPro to vlog and document her wild travels to places like the Inca Trail in Peru. You'll feel cold just watching this video of her recent trip to Svalbard, shooting at the top of a glacier and inside an igloo. Besides videos and blog posts, she offers great travel and photography tips.


Trakax is a video editing software for PC and Android. Their blog is geared towards users who want to use the GoPro and make videos for professional and business use. They offer practical tips on editing and developing video strategy as well as guides for choosing which GoPro is right for you. Here's a useful guide to help decide between the Hero4 Session and the Hero4 Silver.

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Meredith makes the art of home video actually fun to watch for viewers. She captures the joy of her family with a GoPro strapped to her head and provides excellent shooting and editing tips for those who want to do the same. Meredith also offers an online course for beginners who are just getting a feel for their GoPro.

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Brent Durand

Brent is a travel blogger and photographer from California who specializes in landscape, underwater and adventure photos. Aside from gorgeous photographs, he offers straightforward GoPro tutorials. Check out this helpful GoPro app tutorial complete with screenshots.

Follow Brent on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

World of Wanderlust

​Brooke dabbles in just about everything on her blog. From travel to home decor to, of course, using the GoPro, Brooke covers it all. She’s been to an insane amount of destinations all over the world. She has an entire category on her blog dedicated to sharing her photography and GoPro secrets with her readers. Take a look here.

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The Inside Line

This list wouldn’t be an official GoPro blog roundup without the official GoPro blog, the Inside Line! On this blog, you’ll catch the latest GoPro news and feast your eyes on some of the coolest photography and videos from all over the world. Be sure to stop by their community page.

Voyages Of Agape

Rachel Moore and Josh Shankle are a couple traveling on their boat, Agape, a 1984 Tayana Vancouver 42′. Their adventures on their blog are fun to follow, and they post amazing photos with the GoPro mounted on everything from surfboards to their boat itself. Don't miss GoPro pictures of Bo, the pixie bobcat.

Subscribe their YouTube channel here.

Chris Spooner

Chris loves design and gaming. He and his fiancee use a GoPro to capture their travels. Below is the epic video they made of their USA honeymoon road-trip. Chris rides a motorbike and teaches his readers how to set up a helmet cam and mic. See the video tutorial here and his other GoPro tips here.

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Accessories World

This no-nonsense site is dedicated to GoPro accessories and buying guides to help users decide what’s best to purchase and when. You can also buy accessories and cameras straight from the site. The best thing about this site is that they rate and review all GoPro accessories at length. Take a look at their guide to the top 5 GoPro accessories.

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Best Life In The World

Ben & Sophee are another fearless GoPro loving travel couple. They make fun videos of their treks and make use of creative editing and timelapses. They break down how to do a timelapse in this epic guide. This video of their hike in the Himalayas will make you want to grab a buddy, take a hike and make a movie.

Follow on Facebook and see what they are up to.

Too Many Adapters

Too Many Adapters was founded by two tech geeks who love to travel. Their blog is an excellent resource for tech news for travelers. Here you’ll find contributors’ reviews and discussion of GoPro products among other gear, like this post about the best GoPro accessories, and three to never use.

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Glass Duffle

The Glass Duffle is a lifestyle blog based in San Diego. There you'll find posts about music, skateboarding and, of course, plenty of GoPro images and videos. They have an awesome in- depth GoPro guide for beginners which you can read here. One of their recent videos is about their long distance Amtrak train trip. Check it out if you're curious about what happens when you mount a GoPro to a moving train. Follow Glass Duffle on Facebook and Twitter.

Have Camera Will Travel

David Coleman's clear-cut blog shows off his photography and GoPro tips. He discusses GoPro accessories other than mounts, like cases, batteries and SD cards. Here’s a review of a waterproof battery, for example. His blog is geared towards a more advanced user who is looking to get more out of their GoPro and editing their footage.

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Kyle Martin

This site offers no fuss guides to GoPro accessories, mounts and cameras. Using both articles and vlogs, Kyle reviews the coolest GoPro gear, like this Mota wireless charger. He loves talking all things GoPro, and you’ll enjoy listening. Follow on Facebook.

Dom Bower

Dom Bower has a ton of videos that cover all photography topics. He reviews several different types of cameras and accessories, including GoPro tutorials. For example, here’s a thorough demonstration of using a GoPro while snowboarding. The best part of his channel is that he actually shows you what happens when trying different GoPro settings, angles and functions. Follow Dom on YouTube, Twitter, and Google+.

Alexander Meliss

Alexander Meliss is a talented photographer and videographer. Scrolling through his vibrant, crystal clear GoPro shots and clips of skiers and snowboarders on the slopes will make you want to get out there too. His site features shots of other extreme sports as well. Meliss has a knack for capturing the fun of the moment with his GoPro.

Folow him on YouTube, Instagram or Vimeo.

Chris Rogers

Chris Rogers is filmmaker from South Africa who features flawless footage and edits on his YouTube channel dedicated to his work. This video featuring clips from his recent trip to the Alps is incredible. He tests out a prototype for an invisible selfie stick. It looks awesome. His videos are great because they put you right there in the action. Don't miss his 2013 reel either.

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Michi Leber

Michi Leber is an adept editor and filmmaker from Germany. In this video on his website, he shows raw and edited footage side by side to really show you the before and after effect of color correction in GoPro videos. To see how to use the GoPro to make it look like you’re in a videogame, check out this edit of him and his friends getting chased by security.

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Lukas Kusstatscher

For some truly phenomenal drone footage shot with a GoPro, check out Lukas Kasstascher’s compilation of his best drone shots. Aside from breathtaking vistas, Kusstatscher films extreme sports like snowboarding and biking. His paragliding videos are a trip too. What makes Kasstacher stand out is his ability to create personal narratives throughout his videos instead of just putting together cool clips.

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Kyle Ohlson

This young photographer from California features some epic GoPro and DSLR work in his portfolio. His collection of photographs are beautifully colored and composed, it’s no wonder he got noticed by GoPro when he started posting his work on social media. Check out his site and Instagram to see some inspiring underwater and beach photography.

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Sam Kolder

Sam Kolder is a Canada based photographer and filmmaker. On his site, you’ll find immaculate drone and GoPro footage of extreme sports, spectacular locations and all around good times with his friends. He does some pretty amazing editing and incorporates animation in his videos. Be sure to check out his best of 2015 compilation video on his YouTube channel.

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Ben Brown

Ben Brown is a photographer and filmmaker from London who uses the GoPro to create amazing slice of life videos as well as daily vlogs. If you're not already a fan of his, after watching a few of his vlogs you will be! Brown is a great example of how the GoPro can be used for storytelling in addition to stunning visuals.

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Christian LeBlanc

This travel vlogger got recognition for an amazing "elphie" - a selfie taken by an elephant that snatched his GoPro on his trip to Thailand. LeBlanc vlogs with his GoPro regularly, documenting his trips all over the world with his friends and girlfriend. His videos are casual and candid in nature, but he also uses a drone to capture wonderful views. Check out his recent vlog where he dives with sharks in the Philippines for some excellent underwater GoPro footage.

As we can see, photographers and videographers are limitless when it comes to using the GoPro. The inspiring bloggers and sites above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Internet's best content creators who use and love the GoPro. We know there are more out there.

What GoPro bloggers do you love follow and inspire you to create and shoot? We want to hear from you!

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