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How to Fix or Open Shortcut Files in a Memory Card

Oh no! So you just came back from a wonderful photo shooting trip, removed the memory card out of your camera, and plugged it into your PC, hoping to transfer all the amazing photo ….Only to find that the folder that has all your pictures has now become a shortcut!You tried to click on and open the […]

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olympus device data recovery

3 Steps to Recover Files from Olympus Digital Devices

If you are a fan of Olympus like me (I own an Olympus camera and a voice recorder), you’ve probably experienced once, if not several times, that you couldn’t find the data you want.This may happen when you accidentally deleted some precious pictures of a family reunion or your child’s ballet recital, or the xD picture […]

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formatted camera memory card

How to “Unformat” a SD Card in Camera to Restore Your Lost Photos

If you’re wondering whether there’s an “unformat” option with the SD card in your your camera, the answer is NO. But it’s still possible for you to get back the lost data. And today I am going to teach you how to recover a formatted memory card and reclaim your lost memories (pics, videos, etc.).Whether you reformatted […]

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9 Tips to Keep Your Digital Camera Data Safe

Believe it or not, digital data is fragile. It can be accidentally lost because you press the delete button on your beloved camera, or the memory card gets corrupted — making all photographs you’ve taken suddenly inaccessible.A photographer for years, I’ve made several heartbreaking mistakes that led me to lose those precious pictures. I’ve also […]

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man with kodak camera

Quick Kodak Camera Photo Video Recovery Guide 2018 (Step-by-Step)

Last updated: January 23, 2018It’s 2018! You might be checking out some of the best places around the world, with your Kodak camera of course.Whether you are using an old KODAK EasyShare camera or a brand new PixPro action camera, this may happen to you:You accidentally deleted several pics or videos, later you need them…badly!Or […]

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undelete memory card in digital camera

How to Recover Pictures from a Lexar SD Card (Step-by-Step 2018)

​Last updated: March 6, 2018Have you ever accidentally deleted those perfect shots off your Lexar SD card? We know, the urge to make room on your card — but without realizing that you may delete the wrong photos by mistake. Those photos are irreplaceable, it can be upsetting to lose them.If this has ever happened to […]

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Ricoh camera photo recovery

A Simple Guide for Ricoh Digital Camera Photo Recovery

​This post was last updated: September 5, 2017Ricoh’s digital image solutions have become world famous over the last few decades. Its high-quality digital cameras are used by thousands of photographers. The GR 16.2 MP camera, for example, is equipped with the advanced GR ENGINE V imaging engine that offers high-sensitivity shooting with minimal noise.That being […]

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