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GoPro says No SD Card error

GoPro Says No SD? How to Fix a GoPro Not Reading SD Card Error

Without an SD card, you can’t record photos or videos from your GoPro. But, when you already put a card in and the GoPro says “no SD”, what then?When your GoPro is not reading the SD card, it’s usually from one of a few causes: the card is improperly formatted, the wrong type, or incorrectly […]

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Fix GoPro SD Card

4 Causes of GoPro SD Card Errors (And How to Fix Them)

A camera is only as good as the card inside it — seeing “SD ERR” pop-up on the LCD screen is a common problem for GoPro users. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a Hero 5, Hero 4, or Hero 3. These errors are frustrating at the very least and at most could even corrupt your […]

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Top Fearless GoPro bloggers

30 Fearless GoPro Bloggers and Vloggers You Should Get to Know

When it comes to camera gear, the GoPro is easily a favorite for bloggers and photographers all over the world. It makes shooting action and sports like surfing, snowboarding, biking and rock-climbing incredibly easy and fun. It literally has provided travel bloggers with a new lens to view and experience their destinations.GoPro users, bloggers, and […]

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How to Recover Deleted GoPro Videos?

GoPros capture some amazing moments — but sometimes, the unthinkable happens.Maybe you accidentally wiped the entire card when you only meant to delete one video. Maybe your GoPro took a big tumble and the files suddenly aren’t there any more. Whatever the reason is, you’ve deleted your videos and you need to recover the lost […]

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Mac computer doesn't recognize GoPro

6 Solutions for When GoPro Won’t Connect to Your Computer

All of that excited energy to see how your action shots turned out deflates rather quickly when the GoPro won’t connect to your computer.Often, it’s the first time you’ve plugged your GoPro in, but sometimes the issue pops up even when you’ve paired the two before. So, what then?When your computer doesn’t recognize your GoPro, […]

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GoPro Hero4 Black Background

How to Delete Videos from GoPro: 3 Simple Tricks to Clear Your GoPro SD Card

If your GoPro videos live on your SD card, you’ll quickly run out of space. So, once you’ve saved your videos, how do you delete files from your GoPro?Or, perhaps the shot you just took was less than perfect, and you want to delete it and try again — what then?There are a few different […]

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erase GoPro sd card memory

Quick Tip: How to Format a GoPro Memory Card

Ready to start over on a new GoPro project? Once you’ve saved all your videos and still shots from your GoPro to your computer, erasing the entire contents will free up all the space on the memory card once again.Formatting the micro SD card with your GoPro is simple, but since most models don’t come […]

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GoPro connected to a computer

2 Easy Ways to Connect GoPro to Computer & Download Videos

The GoPro doesn’t do much good if you can’t actually do anything with the videos. Thankfully, connecting a GoPro to a computer to transfer your videos or pictures is a simple process.First, we’ll go over the method you can use to download files from any camera or video camera, then we’ll go through a GoPro-specific […]

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GoPro without SD?

Q&A: Can You Use a GoPro without a SD Card?

GoPros are different than most cameras, so they often come with a lot of questions. In this Q&A, we take a look at recording without an SD card on the GoPro. Question: I am new to the GoPro world. Can you use a GoPro without an SD card? Answer: ​In short, no!Some cameras allow you […]

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